This is our mission, which is made more relevant in these unprecedented times we live in. What is the value of data? How does it improve our critical infrastructure or advance our quality of life?

Let me start with a brief history of Chordant …

Chordant’s origins go back a decade ago, to when our core technology components were being developed inside our parent company, InterDigital (NASDAQ: IDCC). InterDigital has been and continues to be the leading contributor to oneM2M, a comprehensive IoT standard that defines architectures, interfaces, and security mechanisms to acquire and manage data from a myriad of IoT sensors and devices. Building on this framework, we added a second key component: our unique operating environment, which enables data assimilation from any source, data processing, and data sharing capabilities. The data-sharing component was borne of the UK government’s insightful hypothesis that regional transportation data has tremendous value, especially when shared between different parties. Under that concept, along with ten other organizations, we participated in a two-year public-private partnership trial to prove this hypothesis, and several extremely valuable data-driven use cases were born. Subsequently, in 2017 we announced the commercial launch of a data-sharing service oneTRANSPORT Data Marketplace, which is thriving today and continues to gain recognition well beyond the boundaries of the UK!

Where are we today …

Despite the obvious overlap in much of our respective pedigrees, early in our development, we realized that Chordant’s business was very different from InterDigital’s business. We had a different customer base and a different operating model. With that in mind, we spent most of 2017 and 2018 ironing out our product offering and value, establishing our commercial position as ‘dynamic data sharing expert’ and preparing our team to run Chordant as a separate business. At the end of January 2019, Chordant became a separate company. InterDigital and Sony Corporation (NYSE: SNE) were our initial investors. Our vision, combined with the flexible solution deployment options we offer today allows our customers to use any data source towards any goal – data analysis, insight generation, and data-driven application & services. We became ‘dynamic data sharing experts’, but our global portfolio of partners is absolutely instrumental in helping us synthesize relevant data sources, tap into industry-specific domain knowledge, and reach different global markets.

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“We see a tremendous need and interest in this space. We are pushing the envelope in helping our customers realize the value of their and others’ data. Let us help you to harness the power of your data to better understand what is happening today, make better decisions, and take actions for tomorrow. That is what we are here for – help you realize the value of data!”

Mika Rasinkangas

President, Chordant INC.


Chordant provides data sharing solutions that enable our customers to realize value from data. Our solutions power data-driven applications for Cities & Regions, Connected & Autonomous Mobility and Complex Infrastructure & Facilities. Chordant has been recognized by numerous analyst firms and organizations for its industry-leading solutions.


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