U.S. cities and municipalities are embracing Smart City technology and initiatives, and many at varying phases of implementing and adopting from small to large scale smart city projects and initiatives. More advanced cities are developing committees, departments, and budgets allocated to Smart City projects. Cities continue to evaluate ways to leverage resources across departments and key city services to develop, manage, and implement scalable and cross-functional initiatives that can grow with the city as it seeks to become more sustainable, innovative, open, advanced, efficient, and service oriented.

To understand the readiness level of key cities, Compass Intelligence completed a 5 week research project to develop a “CA-Chordant Smart Cities Benefits Index” ranking for the top 50 cities. This ranking leverages public data, modeling, scoring, and data weighting to showcase the rank of 50 cities and the final index. The higher the city is on the INDEX, the more it is positioned to benefit from Smart City projects and receive a higher return on investment to benefit the city.

CA and Chordant Smart City Benefits Index™

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U.S. CA-Chordant Smart Cities Benefits Index
White Paper | Dec 2017 | IoT, Smart Cities, Transport, oneTRANSPORT, Data Marketplace

The CA-Chordant Smart Cities Benefits Index is the first comprehensive study designed to examine the relative potential benefits of Smart City technology in America’s major metropolitan areas. It goes beyond a static snapshot of current municipal efforts by providing a meta-analysis of U.S. cities’ relative capacities for smart city innovation now, and into the future.

The goal of this Index and analysis is to equip public officials, community leaders, and corporate executives with a quantitative perspective of which cities are positioned to benefit from smart cities and why, thereby allowing them to drive both targeted and broad-based improvements. The Index also aims to enhance multi-sectoral collaboration within and across cities to accelerate project piloting, adoption, and best-practices.

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